TRSoccerbots 1.3

TRSoccerbots is a free educational program that uses teleo-reactive programming
1.3 (See all)
Mykel Kochenderfer

TRSoccerbots is a free educational program that uses teleo-reactive programming to expose the fundamental ideas involved in the creation of autonomous agents to high school and college students.
This software package consists of two modules: a code generating graphical user interface that guides the user through the creation of behaviors and a robot soccer simulation environment where these programs are executed and tested.
Main features:
-Intuitive interface that was developed utilizing fundamental HCI principles and weeks of user testing
-Informative ToolTips that pop up information when the mouse hovers over any part of the screen
-Resizable panels that automatically attempt to give users the best view for any given resolution
-Informative icons
-I0ntelligent text sensing
-Syntax highlighting clearly differentiates conditions, actions, comments, and errors
-Dynamic help
-Displays pertinent information to the user as soon as the name of a condition or action is typed (i.e. how an action is used with what arguments)
-Describes in detail any errors in a rule as each new line is entered
-Automated cursor placement - as the user clicks to add any conditions, actions, or objects, the cursor is automatically placed in the correct position, greatly simplifying the task of programming
-Error checking to ensure the user never gives any erroneous input or makes any mistakes (e.g. a message box warns the users if they try to close the program before saving or create a new behavior with the same name as another behavior)
-Cut, copy, paste – all the amenities a user expects from a modern text editor.
-Appropriate menus, including context menus for objects that pop up when the user clicks on them
-Created in Visual C# .NET

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